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Sumbangan Berbuka & Sahur

As we all know, bread is the staple food of Syrians compared to Malaysians who eat more rice.

If you can choose food for breaking fast, also give them the option to have some bread for Breaking Fast and Sahur with their beloved family.

Berbuka Sahur copy.jpg

At least 20 slices of bread should be provided for 1 Syrian refugee family. Your help will ensure their bread supply does not stop until the end of Ramadan. Let's give BREAD TO SYRIAN REFUGEES IN MALAYSIA.

Details for Breaking the Fast & Suhoor Donation:
✅ Target: RM36,000,
✅ RM0.60 / piece of bread or RM12 / 1 pack of bread,
✅ 1 family receives 1 packet of bread per day,
✅ 2,000 slices of Arabic bread a day = 60,000 slices of bread during Ramadan,
✅ 100 families a day = 30,000 families for the duration of Ramadan.

Please click on the DONATE NOW link to donate or to the Malaysian Life Line for Syria Berhad account.

🇲🇾 MAYBANK: 5648-1051-3971
🇲🇾 BANK ISLAM: 1421-0010-0098-82
🇲🇾 AFFIN BANK: 1050-4003-0883
🇲🇾 BANK RAKYAT: 1111-5100-1155
Ref: Sahur-berbuka

Contact Information:
📞 Jasmine Ash Sham School: +6018-2067265

Stay tuned with us to find out updates on the program being run by Jasmine Ash Sham to help Syrian refugees in Malaysia. Your contribution, Very meaningful.

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Jasmine Ash Sham School Team and Malaysia For Syria for Ramadan distribution to Syrian refugees in Malaysia in 2020.

Bank Account

+ MAYBANK : 5648-1051-3971
+ BANK ISLAM : 1421-0010-0098-82
+ AFFIN BANK : 1050-4003-0883
+ BANK RAKYAT : 1111-5100-1155
Ref: Back2SchoolSyria

Contact Info

Malaysia For Syria Office: +603-41443441
Donation Unit: +6019-2553441


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