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Van Sekolah

Jasmine Ash Sham Alternative Education Center is expected to receive more students among Syrian refugee children and so on by 2021. Thus, with the increase in the number of students who have been reviewed and listed, the need for more suitable and adequate transportation needs to take them coming to school next sent them home to their parents every day.


The school van they are riding in now is no longer able to accommodate the number of students available and as a result the driver of the school van has to commute several times to take Jasmine Ash Sham students to school. Even after school, they had to wait their turn to be sent home.

For the record, Jasmine Ash Sham school is a special school for Syrian refugees located in Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur. The school was established in September 2016 and accommodates more than 105 Syrian students aged 5 - 18 years. This school is fully funded by kind Malaysians with MFS.

Malaysia for Syria (MFS) now opens the opportunity for those of you who want to be together in the Waqaf Van Syrian Refugee School Van project in Malaysia so that the future children of Syria no longer need to be cramped and take turns riding the van to go to school.

Therefore, we at MFS call on you, the caring and kind Malaysian philanthropists, to join us in the "Waqaf Van" replacement project for Syrian Refugee Schools in Malaysia so that future Syrian children can go and return from school in a safer and more comfortable environment. should. Inshaa-Allah.

1. Van C.A.M Placer X 3.0L 25 seater: RM154,170.00

2. Gasoline & toll price for one year: RM20,700

3. Driver's salary for one year: RM15,000

Bank Account

+ MAYBANK : 5648-1051-3971
+ BANK ISLAM : 1421-0010-0098-82
+ AFFIN BANK : 1050-4003-0883
+ BANK RAKYAT : 1111-5100-1155
Ref: VanSekolahSyria

Contact Info

Malaysia For Syria Office: +603-41443441
Donation Unit: +6019-2553441


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